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Full Life 2015 Vision
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As we begin 2015 I believe it is time to share what my vision is for the coming year. Sometimes it is difficult to get a clear plan, usually because there are some things that have to be put in order first. This year is different, we are in the midst of a great move of the Holy Spirit in our church. Service after service we see God doing a work in our church. It is a great inspiration to see this happening and to experience it. Listen and respond as the Spirit directs each service in the coming days.

I believe as the Spirit moves we will gain more people and we will need to minister to them in different ways. First, we are dropping sending out CDs, most of the sermons are available online within a couple of weeks, if someone wants a CD of a sermon or teaching, Valerie can burn one for them. All audio is being recorded to mp3 files on the computer, making it easier to share online. The next step is to record video of sermons and get them on You Tube for sharing. We will need a dedicated camera person for this to happen along with the equipment to record properly. I think by the end of 2015 we will have three Sunday services, an early service I will call “Laid Back”, our main 11:00am service I will call “Full Throttle” and the Sunday evening service I will call “No Boundaries”.

These are working names so let me share what I envision. For the Laid Back service I see lower volume music, a slower pace incorporating some more traditional songs and hymns with newer worship. The preaching will be more adult oriented for mature Christians. The Full Throttle service is strong praise and worship with FLY ministry incorporated and preaching to adults and youth over elementary age with a children’s church service for elementary and younger youth during preaching service. The No Boundaries service will be youth led, thinking outside the box, experimenting with other forms of ministry and a speaker chosen to minister a message focused on the Youth of our church. This will be a great opportunity to allow the gifts to shine in our midst. We will need ministers, musicians and equipment operators for all services. Wednesday evenings may also need to transition as we grow, stay open to how the spirit directs. Also, weekly singing practice will need to rotate so that various groups can practice together and will also give time off for others.

I want to see some aesthetic changes in the Sanctuary. I want to see the skylights covered and insulated over. This will help with heat and cooling loss as well as give the ability to control light levels in the Sanctuary. I want the fans to be raised a couple of feet and some colored lighting and a fog machine added to help with our platform productions. I think we need to get a more permanent type of curtain system in place to make it easier for productions.

Our Youth are growing and we will need to expand our ministry for them. We will need more adults involved and before the end of 2015 we will have a nursery. Sunday school classes will have to split to be more specific to different age groups. FLY ministry is also evolving, more and different types of ministry will be birthed in the midst of our awesome youth. I want to encourage them to visit other churches, go to youth conferences, and explore to discover other ways of ministering to our church and each other. I would like to see a group make plans to go to Winterfest 2016, Passion 2016, and other events that can inspire and energize our church.

We are going to have to update some of our equipment in the coming year. Several pieces are aged and unreliable, especially the handheld wireless mikes.

We will be putting together a Policies and Procedures manual to keep up with insurance and government requirements for our church. The role of Trustee will be heightened this year as we address our growing pains. We have been lax in watching out for some issues because we are small, but as we grow, they will each have to be addressed and accounted for. These include playground safety, parking, maintenance, supervision, accountability.

Our website is expanding with more pictures, sermons, videos and resources. FLY has their own pages to provide information to help people learn about us.

In 2015 we will be seen, but how we are seen is up to us. Our mission is to provide an encouraging place for people to grow to the “full measure of Christ” in each person. We have to remember this in everything we do. When we see discouraging actions or attitudes we must address them, correct them and apply the healing salve of restoration from God’s word to continue. Sometimes that means stepping forward, sometimes stepping back, sometimes standing in the middle and making peace!
Our Praise and Worship will change, I see multiple teams and differing styles. Now most of our worship is acoustic guitar led. We will sometimes have piano lead, drums lead, electric guitar lead. I believe we must be open to some new instruments, as others join us with their unique gifts.
Johnny Hightower, January 2015

July 2016 revision:
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We are fulfilling a great part of this vision already and have Full Throttle, No Boundaries and Throwback services. We are focusing on 10:10 worship, life groups and our youth praise team call themselves 10:10 Worship Team. 10:10 is a foundational pillar laid out in John10:10 Jesus came to bring life to the full. We share that spirit led life in every aspect of our church. Also, our sanctuary is becoming more worship friendly the skylights have been covered allowing for lights to be dimmed or controlled.

Things are getting more exciting every week, come and be with us in one of our services this week.

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